Moscow Opera Club

Moscow opera club was founded in 1994 (gosh, or was it 1993?) as the meeting place of opera fans, students of various music colleges and just socializing seniors.


Originally the club was located in the upscale cinema center «Moscow Kinocenter», where part of the building was dedicated to our «Museum of Cinema».



But in 2005 the director of Kinocenter Stanislav Govoruhin (nasty bastard) kicked the Museum of Cinema out to get more private rooms for his casino & strip club.

Well, while we can’t fight the realities of market economy we should admit that the culture is not dead yet, and we appreciate the involvement of our new host, the Bakhrushin Theatrical Museum.

Opera club meets once per week (please see the schedule)


Your webmeister Andrew Shuvalov.



6 комментариев

  1. Atsuko Yamamoto said,

    Февраль 22, 2007 в 9:16 дп

    Dear Sirs,
    Hello! Happy to find this interesting site!!!
    I am an ardent worshipper of the greatest sopranist, Moscowich Divo…
    …Mr.Oleg Ryabets!!!
    I would be delighted if some news or mail-magazins about Mr.Soprano’s recitals, concerts, opera, etc. will be sent to my address.
    Thank you in advance,
    courage, succes, bonne continuation!

  2. andrey said,

    Февраль 22, 2007 в 4:27 пп

    I’m sorry, don’t have that info, but if you re-address your question to http://opera.fastbb.ru/ some good folks will help you!

  3. Atsuko Yamamoto said,

    Март 1, 2007 в 8:44 дп

    Thank you Andrey, that’s kind of you!!! I will try!!!

  4. Май 19, 2007 в 2:59 пп

    The site is really interesting. I came here with a frient who knows russian so I had the chance to «read» some of your pages.

  5. Patrick said,

    Октябрь 16, 2007 в 2:50 дп

    Hello. I’ve just arrived in Moscow, and, being an opera lover, found this site. Is the Club still going? And, if so, how does one join?

    Many thanks,


  6. andrey said,

    Октябрь 16, 2007 в 9:28 дп

    Patrick, the very interesting meeting is scheduled this week, Oct 18, Thursday, 17:30. There will be the Opera director Jigars visiting us.

    Please stop by, address is above (“Ulitsa Bakhrushina 31/12, Moscow 113054“, near subway “Paveletzkaya”.). You will recognize the building as at the last photo above. It’s a museum. Can someone please post the location on the map, I don’t have it (I’m managing this site from U.S.)?

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